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Dear Adventus Service Team,

I take this opportunity to thank Queennie Pamposa and Mohd Ashek Bin Osman for their excellent service. I have attached the documents for your reference. This reflects presence of efficient system that is able to meet the customers requirement on time without delay. Keep up the good work !!!

Dear Adventus Customer service Team,

I take this opportunity to thank Chris, your front line customer for taking my call and making the necessary arrangement for your engineer Alvin Yip to be on site within an hour. Refer to attached file.

Again, it’s a great service, boosting the image of Adventus to be reliable business partner.

Alvin Yip was courteous and professional. He explained me to what could have gone wrong and assured me that he fix the issue. The printing looks good after few test printing. Thanks to Alvin Yip. Please convey my appreciation to your team.Have a great day.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Adventus team for the continuous excellent Service.

On 31 Aug 2017 we had problem with our Canon photocopy machine. I immediately called Adventus customer service. I was very pleased with front line customer officers Kris and Joni. Both were very professional and courteous. It was a pleasant experience communicating with front line officers who were very professional. I would like to thank them for their help since they were my first point of contact. Please thank them on my behalf.

Secondly, the engineer Mohd Ashek Bin Osman who came immediately and fixed machine without delay. He was courteous and explained to me what when wrong. It reflects on his positive attitude, passion and dedication he has on his job. He told me that he was very happy working for Adventus which is good for him and Adventus. An organization which cares about employees will certainly boost up the sales because every employee will be motivated to give their best. It's a win win situation.

Thirdly, updating the repair status was very organized. I was constantly updated on the status of the repair job without any delay. I thank Adventus HR team for creating an empowering culture. Every employee is important. Let every employee know that they can build their career in Adventus. Pay them the fair market rate in terms of salary. No employees will be motivated to give their best if they are underpaid.

Please share their excellent services with your team. I believe, Adventus has the potential to be the world class leader in the IT industry if they continue to empower every employees working in Adventus.

Dear Joni,

• I am sorry for the delayed response. I was tied with my customers here.
• As usual, your frontline customers officers were great. It’s always a pleasant experience to talk to you and Kris.
• You give a good impression of your company image without any doubt.
• As for you engineers, I am pleased with Jeff and Asher. But I must thank Asher for finally fixed our issue by cleaning the laser parts.
• I couldn’t comment on Wong because I was at the meeting when he came. But I believe he did a fine job.
• Overall, it is commendable that your three engineers continuously did their best to fix our photocopy machine.
• Keep up the good work.
• I always make it a point to give the feedback for every service request. This is to ensure that you always maintain and continuously improve your service standard.
• Again, please convey my appreciation to your team members.
• Overall, all your Adventus team had positive mindset which is very important and commendable.
• Have a great day and weekend.

Dear Queenie,

Good Afternoon. Once again, I would like to thank your team for their consistent good service. Please thank your field engineers Baskaran and Lim Lye Huat on my behalf for their dedicated service. Have a great day,

Dear Queenie Pamposa,

• I thank your engineer Wong Yee Lin on behalf of my team.
• Mr Wong Yee Lin was courteous and helpful.
• He was polite and cheerful.
• Very cooperative.
• Very committed to his work.
• I think he did a great job in checking and fixing our photocopier.
• Please help to share his good service with your team.
• ADVENTUS field engineers keep amazing me !!!
• Keep up the good service.

Dear Queenie Pamposa,

• Once again, I take this opportunity to thank your team Jason and Alvin for helping us to fix our production photocopy. Refer to attached file for reference.
• All your team members were courteous and professional as usual.
• I thank Alvin and Jason Chia for changing all the necessary parts to ensure trouble free operation.
• Keep up the good service.
• Please help to share their excellent service with your team.
• Working as team is crucial for a company’s success.
• Have a nice day.
• Thank you.

Best Regards,


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